Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Heebie Jeebies

Not many things can give me a case of the shakes. I watch all sorts of twisted shit (like Saw and I will see Saw 2 when it comes out), love haunted houses and have even been to my fair share of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Orlando, but nothing has ever given me the heebie jeebies like this freak.

Click At Your Own Risk

Seriously, it's bad enough to be raped, but imagine being raped by that dude. I'm sure he's had a hard life, but everything feeling I get when I look at this guy tells me to kill it. Just end it. He'll be happier and so will the citizens of Ohio.

He's been dealt a bad hand. He should fold. Seriously.

Yeesh. I have to go take a shower now.

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