Wednesday, June 08, 2005

He's Baaaaaaaack

Well, I guess I'm done with whatever affliction befell me on Saturday and Sunday. Played the last 2 nights and went 4-4 with a walk, sac, double, triple and 2 HRs. Handled 8 or 9 ground balls without an error. Had fun, which is the most important thing that was missing from my game.

On another note, I bought a new bat on Monday, but it hasn't arrived yet.

If this bat's as good as my current bat,

I'll be one happy camper come October when we win a national tournament.

It feels great to be me again when I step out on a ballfield. I think the weekend really served as a reminder that confidence can be fleeting. You have to work to keep it up. Wait, was that confidence or an erection? Hell, at my age, it's both.

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