Monday, April 11, 2005

You Know...

I was wondering why that lazy dawg JP hadn't blogged and then I remembered it was because he's on vacay and I'm supposed to be guest/mystery blogging. Whatever.

Like we all don't have more important things to worry about. Like... who the fuck told Cammy Parker Bowles Windsor I'm Fucking The Future King of England that the headdress she wore for the blessing by the Archbishop of Canterbury was in anyway attractive. She looked like she stuck a big patch of wheat on her head and then got stuck in a stiff wind. Gag.

The other hat, eh, I could have parked a Rolls under it but... for real, not bad. What I really liked is how the Archbishop made them say some sort of sin atonement. They should have turned it into some kind of Clue game. I did it with the Prince in the hunting lodge in doggy style. That would have been worth watching.

Yeah, I was one of those dumbasses who got up at the butt fucking crack of dawn to watch Jug Ears marry Princess Diana. Isn't it nice to know that someone loves you enough to ruin your fucking life??? Or was she just the only virgin left in England who found him somewhat attractive? You have to wonder about these things. I think he's improved with age actually. But... let's be honest, he and Cammy appear to be better matched, not just in looks, but also personality. And explain this shit to me... he didn't marry Cammy to start with because she wasn't a virgin???

But he married her this time!!! What the fuck? See, I learned from this. Marry who you're compatible with, marry who you love, marry that someone you can see yourself fucking in a hunting lodge, doggy style 35 years from now. I think its sad that Princess Diana was hounded the way she was, I think its sad that she had a faithless husband who married her for the wrong reasons (regardless of the hot hunky heir and spare) and I think the world lost a wonderful woman and humanitarian when she died.

However, its just as sad to see two people, Charlie and Cammy, who so obviously love one another, so obviously are well matched or complimentary in their attitudes and personality, waste 35 years of their lives due to some cock and bullshit about virginity, divorce, and atonement.

True love and happiness are so rare peeps. If you got it, don't let anything stand in your way. Reach out and take it.

Rock on royal newlyweds. Rock on.

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