Friday, April 08, 2005

Ok, Here's the Sitch-e-a-shun

Tomorrow around 11 a.m. yours truly is off on a jet plane bound for Orlando and, ultimately, the Bahamas. I will be gone 8 days. Consequently, I will not be blogging. Drinking? You bet your muthafuckin ass. Blogging? Not so much.

There is good news, however. I have invited someone(?) to be a "guest blogger" here on my humble little website all next week. This person will remain anonymous until I return (unless one of you impatient assholes pries it out of whomever it is). I'm absolutely certain of two things: 1. My blog is in good hands; and 2. You will be disappointed when I come back because this person writes way better shit than I do.

So, everyone have a great week. I'll have a couple dozen Red Stripes and Mai Tais for each one of you. Hopefully, I don't fall (or get pushed by my cousin Steve - you call someone a fat, incestuous bastard ONE TIME and you never hear the end of it!) overboard in my drunken state that I plan to stay in for 99.9% of the trip.


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