Thursday, January 06, 2005

Another Year, Another Resolution...Or 10

Ahhhhh, 2005. How refreshing. After feeling like I took a year-long acid bath, I fucking love having the slate wiped clean. Yes, I know that I still have the same problems today that I did on December 31st, but dammit I am less stressed than I was for some reason. Every year, I make resolutions just like 99% of you. Some I stick with, some I don’t. Here’s the 2005 list.

1. Go back to the gym. Every November, my life becomes hectic beyond belief. It becomes increasingly hard to go to the gym. I go religiously from January through June. Then softball kicks into full swing, so I cut back my gym time. Softball tapers off at the end of September through October, but basketball starts. November rolls around and there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to do anything. This year, however, I think I figured out a way to stay consistent with the gym - I’m going on my lunch break (well, actually I adjusted my hours so I could take an hour and a half for lunch). That should help me go most every day. I’m not looking to get buff this year. Just looking to tone up, create some core strength and become more flexible. Pulling a groin muscle last year really taught me a valuable lesson about being flexible.

2. Take better care of my face. I’m talking about using aftershave balm and special men’s face wash twice a day. Yes, I’m a clean person to begin with, but I never really paid attention to using aftershave or what kind of soap I used to wash my face with. Also, I exfoliate twice a week (I’ve always done this). Yes, it’s a little effeminate but I’m pretty secure with my masculinity. Shut up.

3. Take better care of my teeth. Overall, my teeth are just fine. However, I don’t like my dentist. I haven’t been in, well, I’m ashamed to say how long it’s been. My dentist wanted to charge me what amounted to the gross national product of Guam to whiten my teeth. Needless to say, I need to find a new dentist. I may wait until April, when I can change my insurance coverage to include dental services.

4. Play with my kids more. I play with them a lot, but as stressors in my life start to build up, I tend to spend more time isolated, vegging out in front of some sporting event than playing with them. I have resolved to play with them every single night. Something that they want to do. Not something that I want to do, necessarily. So far, so good.

5. Watch less TV. I don’t watch a ton of TV. I watch even less “wasted” TV (as in sitcoms). However, I do watch a lot of sports and I do watch a lot of movies. Granted, I watch most of this stuff late at night, but my time can be better spent reading a book or doing something productive.

6. Take better care of my money. I don’t make a ton of money, but I make more than most in my field. However, every year when tax season rolls around, I look and say “where the hell did all my money go?” Holy shit, you made how much moolah last year? And you have how much in the bank? What the fuck are you trying to do, make sure you work until you die? It’s time to take care of my money. It’s time to make it work for me. I started reading a book that will point me in that direction, or at least I’m hoping it will. I’m a financial idiot.

7. Sell stuff on e-bay. I’ve had a ton of stuff sitting at home and on my desk here at work that I keep threatening to put on e-bay. I’ve only been saying this for about nine months now. It’s time to put this quality stuff on e-bay. *Dazzling smile*

8. Become more aware of what’s going on at work. Doing what I do, I am pretty isolated in terms of what I know about the files we have. My job is basically to get medical records, get them arranged and into a notebook and shuttle them off to whatever associate attorney is handling the case. I have other duties too, but that’s probably 75% of my work. However, I want to do more here like assist at trial (wherever that may be), assist at depositions, etc. In order to do that, I have to be intimate with the files. I plan to keep a running log of what I’m working on and what needs to be done on each file. Also, we have a trial in Southern California coming up in March. I have started reading the contents so that I’ll be *indispensable* when trial rolls around. I hope.

9. Take a vacation with my kids. Disney World is calling my name. As a matter of fact, it’s calling me around the end of April. The kids are at a great age to visit the place I spent a lot of my childhood at. I can’t wait. They were there once, but that was four years ago. Garrett remembers some of it, but Reese only remembers if we show him pictures. Besides, now Reese is big enough to ride the thrill rides with me. Garrett went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with me and had the death grip on my arm the whole time. Should be a fun time!!

10. Do what I need to do to make myself happy. This is the hard one. I’m still figuring out what this will take. I’m sure some things in my life have to change. I just don’t know what they are yet. I’ll keep you all posted.

I sincerely hope that each one of you has a wonderful 2005!

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