Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Sex Versus Violence

You're kidding me, right?

People are outraged over a nekkid Nicolette Sheridan jumping into the arms of Terrell Owens before Monday Night Football? I know she's certainly not what she was 20 years ago, but she's still pretty hot! Do these people have nothing better to do with their life? Do they hate the sight of themselves in the mirror after their shower that much? Why the hell are we worried about seeing someone else’s skin? Is it really that big a deal? No. It’s not. Are we trying to raise a generation of uptight, deprived adults? I would MUCH rather my kids walk in on a clip of two people making love (or the whole MNF scene) than watch a clip of two people trying to kill one another. People are much more tolerant of violence on tv. I’m stupefied by this. On Veteran’s Day, ABC (coincidentally the same station that airs Monday Night Football) presented Saving Private Ryan, uncut and unedited, during PRIME TIME. The opening scene, when the u-boats storm the beach at Normandy, is the most violent, disturbing and vulgar scenes in any movie of all time, yet I don’t see anyone protesting it being on tv. (Yes, I know they pulled it off the air in some markets, so shut the fuck up). I’d let my kids watch a whole episode of Desperate Housewives before I’d let them watch five minutes of that opening scene. To me, it’s asinine to be more concerned with a natural act between two consenting adults than an unnatural, violent, bloody act between two countries. But that’s just me.

Now, maybe there’s something deeper here. In the words of Homer Simpson - “Play the race card. PLAY IT!!!” Would there have been such a big uproar if Nicolette Sheridan was jumping into the arms of a white Eagle or Cowboy, or even if she were wearing a string bikini that only covered parts that weren't shown on TV anyway? Maybe. Maybe not. But I find it interesting that a white woman jumps into the arms of an African-American male and there’s a huge outcry from the so called “moral majority.” I’d be willing to bet that most of the calls that ABC fielded came from the “Bible Belt.” These are the same people that watch porn in their basements and fornicate with everything in a pair of pants because it feels so good to be bad. Most of them are hypocrites, pure and simple.

Here’s the deal people, if you don’t like what’s on tv, CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL. There are no less than 500 channels for your enjoyment. Granted, there’s usually nothing on, but still. Be more concerned with your kids growing up watching violence, not sex. They’ll be better adults that way. I’d say there’s a decent chance that more kids will grow up and have sex rather than grow up and kill someone. I can dream, can’t I?

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