Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Not A Very Happy Birthday

Yes, today is my birthday. 36 mutha fuckin years old for yo’s truly today. Usually, I feel 26, but not today. I feel every single bit of my age.

I was hoping to wake up to a landslide victory by John Kerry. Not because he’s so great, but because W. is a flaming idiot. I don’t get it, I really don’t. How can ANYONE look back on the past 4 years and say, ‘yeah, sign me up for 4 more years of this stuff.’ I know a lot of you that read this blog are Bush supporters, and that’s fine. I’ve just really lost faith in people. I guess in 4 years, when we’re paying $5 a gallon for gasoline, schools continue to close at a rapid rate and there is a budget deficit in the bagadzillions, we’ll know who to blame for that. I just wish W. didn’t have so many people snowed. I see right through his tired schtick. He is a warmonger, a bad business man, a self-proclaimed moral compass and a WARMONGER. All you people with older teenage boys that voted for him should be ashamed of yourselves. You’ll learn what he’s all about when he drafts your son to fight and die in his personal war. Did I mention that he’s a warmonger? Did I mention that a doorknob can speak more articulately? (Is 'articulately' a word?)

Combine that with the fact that Oregon made the one man-one woman marriage the only marriage recognized in the Oregon Constitution (in other words, they’re limiting your freedom to be in a happy relationship, legally speaking anyway), and I think I just puked in my mouth. Seriously, I want to know who the fuck gave the homophobes and gay bashers the right to limit individual freedoms in this country. My feeling is that this - if you are gay, GREAT! As long as you’re happy, that’s all anyone could ask for. Life is too fucking short to get caught up making other people miserable or denying them the right to be happy. This country was founded on diverse principles. Now we’re limiting individual freedoms? What’s next, marshal law? What you do in the privacy of your own home is YOUR business and nobody else’s. If you choose to be in a gay relationship, then that’s your God-given right. It is not my place (nor anybody else’s) to take that right away from you. If you choose to spend the rest of your life with that person, that is your right also and you should NOT be limited by any Constitution from the same rights that’s afforded all the so-called ‘normal’ people in this country. Most of the people that struck down this Ballot Measure are closet homosexuals anyhow. They can’t stand the fact that they’d actually be intrigued to have a man go down on them. Yes, my brother is gay. Yes, he was in a heterosexual marriage when he ‘came out of the closet’ so to speak. When he told me, I knew he was gay. I knew all along (musta been the gay porn I found under his mattress when he was a teenager, and no I didn't take a peek). He was afraid that I’d no longer let him see my kids. My response to him was, "Why? Is it contagious? Does it rub off?" No, that’s the way he’s built. There’s nothing wrong with that. I love my brother the same after he told me as I did when he was denying himself the right to be happy. So fuck all of you that think that one man-one woman is the ONLY way things should be. And try not to fall and break a hip when getting off your high horse.

Thank God that it looks like medical malpractice claims in this state will not be capped at $500,000 because if that passed, I may have just found the tallest bridge in Portland (the Fremont Bridge) and jumped off. As it is, I'm considering a move to Tuscany to get away from the dumbasses in America.

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