Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Things I've Learned Over The Past Week

1.  My kids were dying to see Spiderman2.

2.  Spiderman2 was too scary for kids 8 and under.

3.  My king-sized bed is too small for all 3 of us to sleep in.

4.  G-Dogg’s bed is too small for me to sleep in.

5.  Reesey Monster’s bed is smaller than G-Dogg’s.

6.  I need a new couch.

7.  The people that live in the flat below us fight constantly.

8.  When a woman screams "HELP ME, HE’S BREAKING EVERYTHING!" in our community, about 10 guys come running.

9.  My boys will innocently ask people why they fight so much when they run into them on the way to the pool.

10. The "man" of the family will tell them to mind their own business.

11. The same "man" will almost get popped in the face when I tell him not to speak to my kids rudely.

12. If you complain enough to the office, couples who fight will be asked to move out of our community.

13. I’m missed around here when I’m gone.

14. That’s a great feeling.

15. You motherfuckers are impatient. :o)

Thanks for your concern. 

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