Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a very avid softball player. I play competitively on no less than three teams and am constantly being bombarded with requests from other teams to play ball with them in once capacity or another. What can I say, I'm the Barry Bonds of softball, and I'm still as humble as they come :op

So last Friday, one of my co-ed teams has a double-header. Before the game, I’m checking out the girls on the opposing team. Now these are NOT your typical 'female' softball players, let me tell you. They all take care of themselves and have the tightest little bodies (anyone have a hose - female mud wrasslin' anyone?). Just before the game starts, I hear the name of the team... Starz Cabaret. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and I just got my present – Starz Cabaret has a softball team. Yes, WATJP readers, Starz Cabaret is a strip club.

I go out to shortstop and the girl coaching third base has on a sports bra and a pair of tight shorts. Her cute ass is the kind that when she's laying on her stomach, it still pops up and says hi. She was clapping and cheering on her team while moving that delicious body of hers all about, jiggling in all the right places. Let me just say that on the restraint scale, with 1 being nakedness and 10 being metaphysical cross-your-heart restrictitude, their sports bras rated a 2. How in the frick am I supposed to concentrate on the game when all I can think about is how to become their team’s official “pole” for the night?

My first time up to bat I get a good look at the catcher. Her chest wasn't that big but as she looked to the pitcher and waited, you could see right down the sports bra to see those beautiful young wonderful bosoms. I stepped out of the batter's box for a second to think (what body part I was thinking from I couldn't tell ya). I looked out into the field and saw that every guy playing for their team, be they friend, brother or boyfriend, was a skinny putz that I could handle should the need arise. Confidently, I stepped back into the batter's box and with a smile said hello to the catcher all the while thinking that next inning I will be watching from the stands behind the plate. Yummy on a stick!

The bases were loaded for that at-bat and I got a triple. As I pulled into third, I saw the best looking of the bunch waiting for the throw. It took all my willpower not to stick a couple singles in her coochie-snugging shorts. And to think, just the other day I was cursing the cashier for giving me a bunch of ones back as change.... cha-ching!

We ended up winning both games convincingly, although I suffered a couple lapses in concentration while fielding ground balls and the games were one big horny blur. I’ll also say that I was glad I had on a rather large cup, although if I were walking out of the dugout, you probably saw it before you saw the rest of my body coming around the corner.

I see on our schedule that we play them again at the end of July. I’ve started an official “ones” pile here in my desk drawer for the event.

Boy you so bad! Co-ed softball sounds fun. LOL
Scorpio eh? OOOOOOOH-Boy!
Co-ed softball is a lot of fun. Just the right mix of testosterone and estrogen. :o)

And yes, Scorpio. You like that, eh? ;o)
JP, I'd love to link to you, but I don't know how (picture me wailing). I'll see if I can get husband to help me. He's good for stuff like that.
I have a sports team site. It pretty much covers sports team related stuff. Check it out if you get time :-)
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