Monday, June 21, 2004

I had a request to post a picture of my tattoo. I don't have a real good one, but here's one from April. This was taken on a tiny little island off Pensacola Beach, FL. Also pictured here are (l to r) My brother Jamie, my aunt, me, Brandi (cousin in law) and Jeff (cousin).  Posted by Hello

You call that pencil mark a tattoo? Come on now.... I'll show you some REAL tattoos. LOL

Nice photo, Im sure your aunt appreciates the swimsuit shot.
well...I can see that there is something there. lol
How about a close up? Please...pretty please. I like arm bands.
JP, that photo makes me smile. I like your arm band by the way, does it go all the way around? Or is it just a cuff? I have 13 tattoos, so sorry for my "newbie" joke. Still love ya.
-That is a good photo of you, but I still would slap you down if I was your aunt.
Hey, I didn't take that picture, her husband did. I have a lot of pictures from that day...but that's the only one that even remotely shows the tat. And it almost goes all the way around. I didn't like the design on the back side of the tat, so I left it off. Someday I'll have it finished.
Your cousin Jeff shouldnt be cruisin the beach without a shirt either.. LOL
I think Im gonna copy this photo and put it on my desktop. It makes me totally smile...

Jamie looks pretty good though. And of course, you like like a big stud.
I know...I hadn't seen Jeff in like 2 years. Imagine my shock. Last time I saw him, he weighed less than I do (I'm right at 205). Now he has me by a good 55-60 pounds. What's worse is that Brandi's his wife - she's frickin tiny.

And you're right, I am a big stud. Bwahahahahahahaha.
cute big stud...but jeff shouldn't be walking around without a
I love those kind of tattoos.
I have to backtrack and read more. I feel like I'm missing everything.
Ha! Look at your brothers face, he is totally laughing at Jeff.... priceless!
In fact, it looks to me like EVERYONE is laughing at JEff. Even his wife has to turn away. LOL
Leese - Of course I do you think I've gotten laid so often? And yes, Jeff needs to stay clothed. Although, it WAS about 97° with 90% humidity that day. :op

Tricia - You are missing it all. Kidding....there's just a bunch of dumb crap on here....all designed to elicit a chuckle or two. :o)

Vader - My brother has no room to laugh at anyone. That's MY job.
JP do I dedect some jealousy here? Dont cock block your brother....
Psst, my brother's gay. Don't worry about any cock blockage goin on from this end, no pun intended. :o)
When I read your last post, before the pic, I had to go back and read the whole blog. The vein on the forehead, T-ball and booyah. I thought I was the only person in the world who used booyah!! I laughed long and hard. You're great man. Good luck with the BP and you're little guys sound very in tune to dad.
Thanks for the comment and the encouragement on my blog. I do worry about his future and I don't sweat the small stuff.
You're right a couple of chuckles!
Enjoying it!
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