Monday, June 07, 2004

Great Stuff!!

My mom calls me over the weekend and tells me that she has a leak in her roof and asks if I can come over and fix it. Well, you know the spray in insulation stuff in a can? She bought a couple cans of it. Great Stuff, right? Sure it is! I found the leak in the roof where the two angles of the roof met. There was a slight separation in the wood. Simple solution...fill that hole up with Great Stuff. So I Ron Jeremy the stuff in the slit and it's all going well. That is until I overfill it just a tad. No problem, I'll just wipe the excess away with my finger and be done with it. Bzzzt! Wrong answer.

Has anybody else ever gotten this shit on your skin? It's sticky. Really, really sticky. Just a shade under super glue sticky. Not enough that you actually bond yourself to, well yourself (if you've seen American Pie 2, you're laughing your ass off right about now), but really close. So I read the label. If this comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and water. Ok, that sounds simple enough. Bzzzt. I'm gonna look up the ass clown who put that label together and rip him a new one (he can seal it up with Great Stuff later). This has the same effect as putting water on a grease fire. It fucking spreads it. Now instead of having two sticky fingers (S'up high school) I've got this shit on both hands and it's spreading like oral herpes at Lilith Fair.

Ok, now both hands are semi-glued to each other and every door handle I touch feels like a porn theater floor. Alright, maybe a little Go-Jo will clean this up. Strike two! Some mineral spirits? Strike three. Now I'm reading the Material Safety Data Sheets on Great Stuff. Acetone dissolves this stuff. Cool! A half bottle of Nail Polish remover and I'm no closer to having clean hands. Granted, I have a fantastic contact buzz, but I have to piss and there is no way I'm getting this stuff on Thor. Steel wool? Nope. Brillo Pads? Nope. I finally settle on letting the stuff cure and taking it off with a rotary sander. My hands look like they had severe teenage acne.

My mom found another gap in the roof late last night. I really think that the garbage bag and duct tape is gonna hold!

What did you pull some American Pie move? Silly wabbit trix are for kids...
I still think you have a major crush on the Target clerk. You so bad!
Did the night out on the town fry your brain or something? :o)
Yes, brain fried. Yes that was me Sat LOL.

Have you gotten any work done today mr paralegal? (Im a trained paralegal myself btw, lawyers piss me off too much, I think Im smarter than them anyway)
I thought that was you!! :o)

Actually, I've gotten so much work done today it's scary!! Monday's usually my most productive day.
Now dat was some funny shit, I laughed my ass off, good shit.
Billy D
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Billy D - Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you stop by often. :o)
giggle, giggle, snort *falls off chair and is now rolling on office floor* SNORT!
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