Thursday, May 13, 2004


~Turns Old Skool Lakers hat sideways~

Sup, yo. Peep this G. Me ‘n my dirty was straight up ballin, y’know representin hard, when this shorty and my boo came rollin up in my drop. Thass when dis dogg from another crew tries to run game on my ho. Thass when I roll up on him and I’m like, “Hode up mah nizzle.” He’s all, “What up dogg? Who dat is?” Tryin to squash this beef, I’m all, “Dat my baby mama.”

Now dis dogg got mad flow and so much bling it goes BLANG. And boo’s all “Lizzook at dat playa. He’s he’s off the heezie, fo’ sheezie.” So, I gotta straight up tighten up the twizzah. I gave my baby mama some benjamins and tole her, “Go to the mall and sco me some new kicks. I’ll skip by the crib tonight so we can knock boots.” Aftah I tole the sista dat, she got that mad crazy love look back in her eye. “Aww playa, you my one.”

Aftah my bitzitch leff, dat dogg look at me and brought it like this, “Dogg, dat sista is foine. But it’s all good G, I got hoes in different area codes.”


Homies, Ima break it dizzown for y’all tomizzorrow.

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